Zuccotti Park- Raveena Bahadur

Zuccotti Park is a year-round tourist attraction. Its location is in the right in the middle of the World Trade Center, the Stock Exchange, and Trinity Church. So much has happened in this area, including the Occupy Wall Street movement. To build a gas station over thisĀ historic park isĀ absurd. This park has been aroundĀ since 1968, and it has been an area for people to sit and relax. Whether it’s eating lunch or just talking with friends, it brings joy to a lot of people. Although there is a dearth of gas stations in Manhattan, Zuccotti Park is not the place for it. Tourists give business to all the stores and stalls around this park. With the park gone, stores will lose business because the traffic of the area will decrease. Everyone will be in cars instead of walking around, and exploring Downtown Manhattan. Thus, people will be less inclined to buy something from a vendor, or to go walk into a store around that area. If you are in a car, it will be more difficult to stop and shop.

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