Ruppert Yorkville Towers

Ruppert Yorkville Towers is a residential building that has really impressed me. The buildings are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, on 3rd avenue between 90th st and 92nd st. When you approach 90th st you can already see the beautiful design that the building has and how nice the plants and trees look where they are at. Between the two buildings is a closed off street that is exactly symmetrical. The trees and benches are symmetrical even the entrances to the buildings. As you walk into the building you can see that the lobby is very fancy: the floors and walls are marble and the ceiling above the concierge desk is a double ceiling height.

The lobby has a small waiting area with couches and benches. One thing that was immediately a problem was the way that the columns are placed . It is very intrusive with the vision of the concierge. As you actually enter the building, once you check in with the concierge, the columns are no longer a problem. There are 4 elevators located at the end of the corridor of each building. Whenever i would go to work there i had to do floor checks and when i am on the 43rd floor of the buildings i realize that the placement of the building is just wonderful. Since the hallways of the building have a big window at the end of them you can easily see central park and  the east river which can be really nice and relaxing.

Another cool feature is the fact that on the 3rd floor of the building it has a laundry room that connects 2 buildings together through a nice patio that has a cool view of the street and you can see the people as they walk through. All in all the buildings are different from any residential building that i have ever been in. Whenever i am around it i just feel relaxed because it is really calm and refreshing .

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