the Woolworth Building

The Woolworth building was designed by Cass Gilbert in 1913. The building was one of the first skyscrapers to be built in theUnited States. The building has 57 stories and is still one of the fifty tallest buildings in theUnited States. The building is between park place andBarclay Streetin lowManhattan.  

            The Woolworth building has a neo-gothic style and is 792 feet tall. The building has a similar look to a lot of gothic cathedrals so it got the nickname the cathedral of commerce. The building has a very simple layout to it. The tower portion of the building is flush to the front. It sits on a block base with a narrow court yard that allows light onto the interior parts. The façade of the building is decorated with limestone panels. On top of the tower there is a green gothic pyramid that can be seen hundreds of feet away.

            The main entrance resembles a European cathedral with many symbols like salamanders and owls. The lobby is covered with marbles and has wall curving of the construction of the building. One of the sculptures is of the architect Cass Gilbert holding a model of the building. Another is of the owner Frank Woolworth paying for the building in cash; 13.5million. All of these things make the Woolworth building one of the most recognizable buildings inNew York City.

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