Formal Critique (2) – Carlos Mo Wu

The Voorhees building of City Tech is a building that is in the state of renovation located on 186 Jay Street, Brooklyn. It can be described as a semi-glassed building. Negative spaces are very relevant in this building because they complement the glass structure. . If you look at this building in different perspectives, you can notice similarities to Lever House because of the glasses. The building’s shape is composed of basic geometric forms. Visually, it has been improved and renovated to the extent that you can’t tell that it was a renovation.

When you walk in to the main entrance, you will see negative spaces as well because of the wall panels. Looking through the lobby, it’s confusing to know which way to go since there are a staircase and a corridor for newcomers. As you go further into the building, it can be a bit disappointing due to the fact that the exterior look of it is more beautiful and modern. If you visit the classrooms, you will realize that some wall materials look rough, huge, and thick. By this you can tell how it is contradicting the design of this building which is light and negative space.

Since the renovation isn’t finished yet, you will find it unpleasant in the interior. Hallways and rooms don’t look renovated. However, the connection and interaction between floors and rooms are greatly separated. If you visit every floor, there is a sign telling you which department you are at. Overall, this building looks great exteriorly. Hallways and rooms should also be renovated as the lobby to greatly match the design of the building.

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