Formal Critique:Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera house located in Sydney, Australia on the Bennelong Point Harbor. This beautiful structure was designed by Jorn Utzon and completed in 1973. the opera house is very big with its several theaters suitable to hold many people for its many venues and performances.

Utzon entered this rare design into a competition,he won, and the Sydney Opera House was on its way.  This structure takes on these tough geometric arches that mainly define the building.  These arches are also called shells that are shaped as sections of a sphere. They are arranged in a way pointing in two different directions. The Opera house also is equipped with great exterior lights ranging in many colors. this allows the structure to relate to venues or events and work with the nearest bridge lighting up the harbor.

Utzons takes on this geometrically different shape and incorporates it into the roof making a beautiful structure. Over the construction time there were some changes also that had to be made for structural purposes. It was oringinally estimated to cost about 7 million dollars. Instead the project was completed 10 years late and the price rose to 102 million dollars.


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