Summary of “Architecture and the lost art of drawing”

In Michael Grave’s “architecture the last Art of Drawing”, which was published in the September 1, 2012 edition of the New Yorker, graves describes who drawing by hand is slowly becoming a lost art due to technology. In his article he talks about how vital drawing is for any architect. Graves states that it “part of the thought process” and it help to express the connection with our “mind, eyes and hands” sketching helps an architect to better remember something or to help study and understand something. Architectural drawing has three types which graves call the “referential sketch” the “preparatory study” and the “definitive drawing” he states that over times and with the help of technology definitive drawing has become the stander and must be computerized. Drawing aids in stimulating the imagination and organize ideas, but it’s also a “sign that we’re truly alive.”

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