Summary of “Architecture and the lost art of drawing”

In Michael Graves’s “Architecture and the lost art of drawing,” which was published in September 1,2012 edition of The New York Times, Graves describes how people have lost art of drawing and how the computer is transforming every aspect of how architects work. Graves argued that architect cannot put apart the drawing not matter how impressive the technology gets. Also he divided the architectural drawing into three types “Referential sketch” the “Preparatory study” and the “Definitive sketch”.  The definitive drawing, the final and most developed of the three,produced on the computer nowadays, and that is appropriate And that the other too are the creative process. I’m completely agree with Graves because now a days people are losing their creativity sketching and applying everything to softwares but also he has to understand that the times change and the technology advances more and more.

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  1. Stalin 11 says:

    good start to the paragraph but i think u should give a better idea on why they should rely on drawings

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