New york; city of dreams

New york, the city of dreams as described by the many different varieties of people that live in it, is a city with many beautiful buildings and many different varieties of landscapes. This is exactly the thing that makes New York City unique. E.B White’s here is New York gives us a great view of what people tend to see in great cities. He talks about what has changed since he was last there and how much different it looks with all the really tall skyscrapers and all the new variety of people that have moved there in that time.


Mumford’s “What is a city” and Poe’s “Man in the crowd” are two great literatures that give us a point of view and a different perspective from other people who live in the city. This two tell us what one can expect to see in the city in the way that they describe what they see like when Poe talks about all the different types of people he sees and all the different types of jobs and buildings and when he notices that there is a great variety in the way people dress.  Mumford’ s “What is a city” pretty much gives us the idea of what buildings and housing look like in new york and how much it has changed through out the years, and how the city has grown both in population, diversity and architecturally.

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