“What is a city?” The Man of the Crowd.

Cities get the best of people when walking through one. Ask anyone who has been through a crowded city and they will give you a new definition of what it feels like. People differentiate culturally, economically, even physically. “The city fosters art and is art; the city creates the theater and is the theater.” Said in Mumfords reading “What is a city?” really stuck out to me. He couldn’t have put it in any more perfect definition of the city. The city itself is an art and theatre. The museums that are architecturally built to foster art, itself IS art. The theatres with shining bright lights that create the theatre, itself IS the theatre. Going to the city is just an experience to remember every time. The Man of the Crowd defines an old man’s joy of walking through a busy crowd. The old man has no destination, just stalking forward and backward as he gets through the crowd. He wanted to live in the crowd. Instead of walking alone, he could always have someone besides him. Doesn’t have to know the person, not even look at them. The old man just knows that there is someone there beside him.

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