Class Notes – 9/11/12

5 adjectives that describe your New York
3 objects that you’ve seen on the streets in recent days
4 things that you smelled yesterday
what is the most peaceful/contemplative place you have found in NYC?
something you wish you could do in NYC but find that you can’t for one reason or another (expense, impractical, etc.)

In-Class Assignment:
Each group:
1. share your lists
2. dream up a structure/location/place that incorporates at least one element from each group member’s list
3. Write a descriptive paragraph that presents this imaginary structure/location/place emphasizing sensory details

For Thursday:
Each group should revise and post their proposals along with a sketch. Each group should have a name for their firm and perhaps a logo. Proposal should be revised in response to in-class feedback. Remember to make your proposals specific and clear. Each person in the group should have a task.

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