Blog Post #1

Throughout history, society has found the need to advance in all types of fields, whether it be architecture, technology, art, or music; we’ve learned to modernize the way we live to move into the future. New York City is a prime example of our civilization moving into the future. This modernization has become more prevalent in the twenty-first century as population increases and buildings are going up left and right. When E.B.White wrote “In the country there are few chances of rejuvenation-a shift in weather, perhaps, or something arriving in the mail. But in New York the chances are endless”, he desribed our city perfectly. New York is a city of endless opportunities. People travel from all parts of the world to come live here and try to make a better life for themselves. Eight million people populate the borough of Manhattan; all striving to accomplish something different. Edgar Allan Poe describes the man of the crowd in his story “The Man of the Crowd” as being a random guy who travels the city accomplishing nothing other than refusing to be alone. As the city of New York gives us so many opportunities, we don’t want to be another man of the crowd.

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