New York City- Ross Barnes

A city where many things are a complete possibility to happen. With large buildings and people bustling throughout the many twists and turns of the small yet vast city. Many people find that new york city is a place where chaos and confusion take reign in the way of life, but those people are the close minded who feel that a cultural diffusion and complete difference between people is a bad situation. Those people would be the complete counter point to E.B. White who said ” New York is the concentrate of art and commerce and sport and religion  and entertainment and finance … the trader and the merchent.” His point here is that everyone provides something that can benefit a society and create a new flavor in the melting pot called New York City.

In Mumfords opinion he exemplifies the fact that, “The city in its complete sense, then, is a geographic plexus, an economic organization…and aesthetic symbol of collective unity.” He explains that many in this place called New York City provide a sense of organization which without would be cause for chaos in all forms of the city. Edgar Allen Poe’s view of the city is a place where people wait for no one and a person in need has no need as explained when he said, “He noticed me not, but resumed his solemn walk, while I, ceasing to follow, remained absorbed in contemplation.” These views of the city are all closely felt by their corrosponding authors, but each view provides a unique point of view that allows me to view the city in a way in which I would not be able to normally.

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