The Pioneer

Trump Tower 5th ave

This is a picture of the famous Trump Tower, mid-day on 5th avenue, Manhattan. For the frame of this photo I tried to get the side of the building, because I think that the levels on the side somewhat resembles steps, or a decorative spot for the building owner to put whatever they want up there. Also I tried to get the sign of the Gucci store in it. This building is one of many prestigious grand buildings that enhances the attractiveness of the famous shopping are of 5th avenue. The exterior of the trump tower is only but a glimpse of the beauty that has yet to be discovered on the inside. The dominant impression that structures such as Trump Tower gives me is motivation, because I wish that one day I could own my own establishment equal to, or more superior to that of the Trump Tower.

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  1. Patrick,
    While the ship is focused and centered, this skyscraper is cut so short that it seems to diminish the building and its owner. Be wary of focusing on the money interests that funded the building–as they are not visible in the photo. Stick to the image before the viewer. Best, Prof. Scanlan

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