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Wire and Shred

 For the mobile I used chopsticks, wire, string, and paper that’s been shredded, that we’re all laying around and at my disposal. I started with the lower tier and tied the paper around the chopstick. It was then heavier on one side and then I added a spiral out of wire. Then I found the center and tied a string around the chopstick, and so it wouldn’t move, I hot glued it. I tied the string to the top tier and added more spirals made of wire around the chopstick. This part was difficult because I had to keep adding more wire to one side because of the imbalance. These three pictures depict my mobile in movement.

Heart of Gold





I created hearts of different sizes and painted them with metallic gold paint.To attach the hearts to the gold wire I used clear string. To attach the different levels of gold wire I used white thread.

Material: Gold wire, clear string, white thread.

Mobile – Luis Ramon

for my mobile I use cut shapes of hard patter color paper board, and some type of wire I found in my garage, making a loop bending the wire and hang it up at the end of the other wire, the rotation happens under the loop shape from the wire, each intersection is attach with strings.

Chop Stick Spring Session

In this project, I got inspiration from child mobiles and I wanted to create something for my niece who is one year old. I decided to buy plastic material that had images of sunshine and spring-themed icons like butterflies.

Butterflies-Maria Cabrera

In the mobile assignment I choose to do butterflies, I use strong and weak wire for the position of the sticks, and a transparent to place the butterflies, I make the butterflies of loose paper. I choose to do the butterflies because I love the butterflies