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Green Leaf

I made this leaf based off of a plant in my house. The shape is made from wire and string. I decided to make a leaf because I have been missing the outside and nature. The wire form is a take on the “natural” shape of leaves. Creating this artificial leaf was therapeutic and did make me appreciate both the outdoors and the physical act of making something with your hands.

Wire and Shred

 For the mobile I used chopsticks, wire, string, and paper that’s been shredded, that we’re all laying around and at my disposal. I started with the lower tier and tied the paper around the chopstick. It was then heavier on one side and then I added a spiral out of wire. Then I found the center and tied a string around the chopstick, and so it wouldn’t move, I hot glued it. I tied the string to the top tier and added more spirals made of wire around the chopstick. This part was difficult because I had to keep adding more wire to one side because of the imbalance. These three pictures depict my mobile in movement.

Gabe Morales Clay Project


For the clay project I had difficulty actually making the clay. I mixed flour, baking powder, salt, and water. It was difficult to get the correct consistency. I ended up making an open rectangular shape for the base and then added a cover for it as the second part of the “puzzle”.