Hi everyone,

This survey is a followup to the survey that you took recently. I am looking at how we are spending out time in class, and thinking about alternatives. I want your input!

Please complete the survey by the end of the day tomorrow, Thursday 3/4/21. The survey is intended to be anonymous and I will not look at who submitted what (feel free to log out of OpenLab before completing the survey if you want to be guaranteed anonymity).

Prof. Reitz

Survey Week 5

  • I'm taking a look at how we spend our limited class time each week. Please rate each of the following options according to your preference.
    Hate it!Don't like itNeutralLike itLove it!
    Current lecture format (introducing material and covering basic examples)
    Spend the lecture focussing on more complex examples (this might mean watching some videos before class to introduce material)
    Spend the lecture time in working sessions (doing homework problems in groups, with individual support from professor)