Exam 2 Review Sheet UPDATE to Problem #9

Hi everyone,

Based on our discussion in class, I updated Problem 9 in the Review Sheet (as written, the problem was leading to very large numbers which caused calculation errors in most calculators). I have kept the differential equation the same, changed the initial point. It should now work correctly.

I also added the solution, along with some of the values found along the way. Let me know if you have questions.

Prof. Reitz

Exam #2 Announcement

Our second exam will take place during class next Thursday, 4/8/21.

Exam Date: Thursday 4/8/21
Exam Time: During class, 2:30-3:45pm
Where will I take the exam? You will log into our usual zoom class meeting to take the exam.
Review: The review sheet is posted here (solutions can be found following the problems on the review sheet).

Exam #2 will be similar in format and policies to Exam #1 (but shorter!). Policies and procedures appear below.

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