Class Info

  • Date: Tuesday, 9/1/20
  • Meeting Info: The class will meet asynchronously today. Read & watch the Lesson (link under Activities below) and complete the “To Do After Class” assignments. Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you have questions! (Heads up – we will meet synchronously on Zoom this Thursday)

To-Do Before Class

  • If you have not already done so: Join the OpenLab, Join this Class, and complete the Student Survey (see the Class 1 Agenda for details/links)


  1. Sec 1.2: Cartesian Products
  2. Sec 1.3: Subsets


  • Identify and manipulate ordered pairs and Cartesian products of sets.
  • Identify and manipulate subsets of sets.


Read/watch the online lesson: Lesson 2: Cartesian Products and Subsets

To-Do After Class

You have two assignments to complete:

The first is a discussion assignment, which you will complete here on the OpenLab (see the link below).

The second is a WeBWorK assignment – for login information and a link to our WeBWorK section, see the separate post Getting Started with WeBWorK.

Discussion Assignment due Tues 9/8: Advice from the Past

Homework due Tuesday 9/8: WeBWorK Assignment1-Sec1.2-1.3
(to be completed on the WeBWorK system – see Getting Started with WeBWorK for more details)

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