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Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

Grades have been submitted to CUNYFirst and posted on OpenLab. Here on the OpenLab you can find your overall semester grades for Homework (WeBWorK and problems from book), OpenLab (online writing assignments), Project (all parts), and your overall semester percent.

I also wanted to let you all know about a special option that City Tech is offering this semester (because of the pandemic) – if you wish, you can choose to convert your letter grade to a “Credit/No Credit” grade. If you do so, your letter grade will be replace by “Credit” (if you passed the course) or “No Credit” (if you failed). If you select this option, I believe that the class will *not* be included in calculation of your GPA – however, it’s important that you understand the possible impacts on financial aid and other aspects of your education before you choose this option. More information can be found on the City Tech website, here.

Happy holidays to you all – I hope the new year brings positive change in your lives.

All the best,

Prof. Reitz

Office hours cancelled this Thursday – will reschedule on request

Hi everyone,

I’ll be guest lecturing in another class this Thursday, 11/19, directly before our class, so I won’t be able to hold office hours at the usual time. I do have office hours on Tuesday, 11/17, 3-4pm as usual, and I will be spending some of the time in class on Tuesday answering questions about Exam #3. If you’d like to schedule additional time to meet with me this week prior to the exam on Thursday, please send me an email!


Prof. Reitz

Semester Project – Group Presentations: Description and Grading Criteria

Group Presentations Schedule :
12/1: Group 4 (Chris, Ihn, Luis), Group 3 (Amy, Irina, Jared)
12/3: Group 2 (Allison, Matt), Group 1 (Jack, Jodel, Denyese)

The last significant group assignment for your semester project is a group presentation (there will be one more individual assignment, a reflection on the process, which will be assigned near the end of the semester).  I’ll put the details here, followed by an outline of the grading criteria. The presentation is worth 20 points total.

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