Homework Week 1

Hi everyone,

Your first homework assignment will be exclusively in the book (you do NOT have a WeBWorK assignment this week).  Don’t forget to register for the OpenLab and join this course.

Welcome back,
Prof. Reitz

Homework Week 1
Written work  due Tuesday Sept 3rd –  Sec 1.1: 1, 12, 19, 26, 29, 35
WeBWorK – none
OpenLab – Register for the OpenLab and join this course (instructions provided in a separate post)

4 responses to “Homework Week 1

  1. I’m kind of in doubts. I was doing the homework and thought to myself for question problem number 12, which instructed us to write each of the following sets by listing their elements between braces; as I was solving it I ended up with {4,2,0,2,4}. Now I’m hoping the solution is correct but my curiosity is because it has repeated numbers can it be written like {0,2,4} or will that be incorrect?

    • Hi Yanira,

      Welcome to our OpenLab site, and thanks for being first to post! You are correct that {0,2,4} is the same as {4,2,0,2,4} — repeating the numbers does not change the set at all.

      Mr. Reitz

      ps. Here’s an unasked-for hint: In problem 12, it’s important to distinguish between the numbers that show up in the rule (after the “:”), and the numbers that show up in the expression (before the “:”) — they are not necessarily the same, and it is the numbers in the expression that are ultimately members of the set.

  2. I m a bit confused for problem #26 in the homework. Since the set includes fraction do I just say the set builder would be all rational numbers where m and n are real numbers … Confused

    • Hi Loudia,

      Welcome! In problem #26, it’s true that some fractions appear in the set – but not every fraction. Your challenge is to figure out what the pattern is among the numbers that appear, and find the formula that gives you those numbers.

      Write back if you’re still stuck,
      Mr. Reitz

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