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Improve your grade on Exam #2.

You can earn additional points towards your Exam #2 grade by completing the following assignment.

Due Thursday, 11/7.  Choose TWO problems from Exam #2 (Hint: choose the two problems that you did worst on).  Re-do these problems.  Hand in all the following, STAPLED TOGETHER, on Thursday 11/7:

  1. For each of the two problems:
    1. Clearly state how many points you received on each problem.
    2. Give an explanation consisting of at least one complete sentence explaining your error, and how you fixed it.
    3. Give a complete, correct solution to the problem.
  2. Hand in your exam paper along with your corrections.

You will be able to earn up to half the points you missed on the two selected problems, to be added back into your Exam #2 score.

Example.  Suppose you received 68 on the exam.  You choose problem #3 (scored 8 points out of 20), and problem #5 (scored 4 points out of 20).  You complete the assignment perfectly.  Since you missed a total of 28 points on these two problems (12 on problem 3, and 16 on problem 5), you will have 14 points added to your exam score.