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Homework Week 13

Homework Week 13
Written work РSection 11.2 p185: 1,2,7.  In addition, complete Example 11.8 at the top of p180. Section 12.1 p198: 1,3,9,11.  (Due Tuesday 12/3)
WeBWorK Р none
OpenLab Рnone

Exam Review 3 UPDATE

UDPATE 2 (11/5): The proof of #10 had a typo.
Near the end, after the line “Subtracting 504 from both sides”, the right side should end with a “-504” rather than “+504”. ¬†Similarly, in the next line, the final parentheses should end with “-56” rather than “+56”.

UPDATE: The answer key has been added to the review sheet – let me know if you find an error!

Hi everyone,

Be aware, there was typo in problem number #9. ¬†The left side of the equation should end in “n(n+2)” instead of “n(n+1)”. ¬†Apologies for this error!

-Prof. Reitz

Office Hours today (11/14)

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll be holding office hours¬†from 12:30 – 2:00 (I will be coming from a meeting at 12:30 and may arrive a few minutes late). ¬†However, I will remain in my office from 2:00 – 3:00 doing advisement, and I can continue to meet with students during this time provided advisement is quiet (if advisement is busy, I will need to focus on that).

For very quick questions, I’m available right after class for 10 minutes.

As always, you are welcome to post questions here or send them by email.


Mr. Reitz

Exam 3 Review is posted

Hi everyone,

Your third exam will take place next Thursday, November 21st.  The review sheet is posted on the Exam Reviews page (solutions will be added over the next few days).  Feel free to post questions or comments here!

Best of luck with your studying,

Prof. Reitz

Homework Week 12

Homework Week 12
Written work РChapter 10 p167: 25, 28 (problem 30 is extra credit),  Section 11.0 p176: 3,4 (Due Tues 11/19)
WeBWorK РAssignment6-Sec11.1 (Due Tuesday 11/19 at midnight)
OpenLab¬†–¬†(reminder: OpenLab #4, ‚ÄúThe MIU puzzle continued,‚ÄĚ is due Thursday 11/14. Submit your answer between Tuesday, 11/12 and Thursday, 11/14. )

Proof by Contradiction Examples

By request, I’ve done some looking around for ¬†resources related to Proof by Contradiction. ¬†I haven’t found a page with a good “big picture” overview yet, but I have found some decent examples – here goes:

Getting started Рsome basic examples.  This page has a few examples worked out completely Рnot too long or involved, and (I hope) not too difficult to follow.

Numberphile: Proof (by contradiction) that there are infinitely many primes.  A really good illustration of proof by contradiction.  The numberphile guys make cool math videos Рif you like it, search for numberphile and check out their other stuff.

Induction Examples

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post some resources on mathematical induction — if you are having trouble with induction, I¬†highly recommend taking a look.

Introductory Examples:  Here is a page with a bunch of examples of proofs by induction, similar to what we have done in class.  This is a good place to start.

Khan Academy: If you find video explanations helpful, here is the Khan Academy on induction:

Even More Videos: This page has a collection of Induction Example videos – I haven’t watched them all, so if you do look at them please tell me what you think:

Advanced/wacky examples: This pdf has some great examples in Section 6(page 4) — they show how induction can be applied to all kinds of different mathematical problems. ¬†Solutions are included. ¬†This is a good resource if you are familiar with induction, and want to take things a little farther.



Homework Week 11

Homework Week 11
Written work¬†–¬†Chapter 10 p167: 1, 2, 10, 15 (Due Tuesday 11/12)
WeBWorK Рnone
OpenLab¬†(reminder: OpenLab #4, “The MIU puzzle continued,” is due Thursday 11/14. Submit your answer between Tuesday, 11/12 and Thursday, 11/14. )