Final Course Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

Course grades have been submitted to CUNYFirst, and a detailed gradesheet (including your final exam grade) has been posted on the GRADES page.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Happy holidays, and best wishes in your future work,
– Professor Reitz

Pre-Final Grades Posted

I’ve updated the gradesheet on the “Grades” page with all work submitted so far, including:

  • all 3 exams
  • all WeBWorK
  • all written work submitted so far (I’ll accept additional submissions in class on Tuesday)
  • all OpenLab work submitted so far (I’ll accept additional submissions through Tuesday evening)

NOTE: The “Course Average” column gives your grade out of 75 maximum. ¬†Your final exam will INCREASE this by up to 25 points, giving you a final overall course grade out of 100.

NOTE: You’ll need the password to access the grades page – if you don’t remember it, send me an email.

Best regards,
Prof. Reitz

Final Exam Review Answer Key is posted

UPDATE 12/17:  Corrected the answer to problem 14a (see comments below).

The Answer Key appears at the end of the review sheet, which is posted on the “Exam Reviews” page. ¬†Let me know if you find any errors, or have any questions.

Best of luck,
Prof. Reitz

Week 16 Homework

Homework Week 16
Written work Р(this will NOT be collected Рfor practice only): Sec 12.5 p212: 2, 6,  Sec 12.6 p214: 1, 2,  Sec 13.1 p220: 1, 4
WeBWorK Р none
OpenLab Р(remember OpenLab #5 is due Tuesday 12/17)

Final exam: Thursday 12/19


Final Exam Review is posted

You can find a link to it on the “Exam Reviews” page, here. ¬†Answer key will be posted by the end of the week. ¬†If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment here.

Good luck!

– Prof. Reitz

Homework Week 15

Homework Week 15
Written work РSection 12.2 p201: 1,7,8,12.  Section 12.4 p208: 3, 7, 10 (Due Tuesday 12/10)
WeBWorK Р none
OpenLab РOpenLab #5 Due Tuesday 12/17

OpenLab #5: Advice for the Future

Assignment (due Tuesday, December 17).  Imagine that you are invited to speak on the first day of MAT 2070, to give advice to entering students.  Write at least three sentences responding to at least one of the following, describing what you would tell them.

  1. What do you wish that you had been told at the start of this class, to help you succeed?
  2. Choose one topic in the course that is especially challenging. Identify it, and give advice to students trying to master that topic.
  3. What is the most important prior knowledge (not taught in the class) that you need in order to succeed?  Why is it important?

Extra Credit.¬† Respond to someone else’s comment. ¬†Do you agree? disagree? Have anything to add?

Homework Week 13

Homework Week 13
Written work РSection 11.2 p185: 1,2,7.  In addition, complete Example 11.8 at the top of p180. Section 12.1 p198: 1,3,9,11.  (Due Tuesday 12/3)
WeBWorK Р none
OpenLab Рnone

Exam Review 3 UPDATE

UDPATE 2 (11/5): The proof of #10 had a typo.
Near the end, after the line “Subtracting 504 from both sides”, the right side should end with a “-504” rather than “+504”. ¬†Similarly, in the next line, the final parentheses should end with “-56” rather than “+56”.

UPDATE: The answer key has been added to the review sheet – let me know if you find an error!

Hi everyone,

Be aware, there was typo in problem number #9. ¬†The left side of the equation should end in “n(n+2)” instead of “n(n+1)”. ¬†Apologies for this error!

-Prof. Reitz

Office Hours today (11/14)

Hi everyone,

Today, I’ll be holding office hours¬†from 12:30 – 2:00 (I will be coming from a meeting at 12:30 and may arrive a few minutes late). ¬†However, I will remain in my office from 2:00 – 3:00 doing advisement, and I can continue to meet with students during this time provided advisement is quiet (if advisement is busy, I will need to focus on that).

For very quick questions, I’m available right after class for 10 minutes.

As always, you are welcome to post questions here or send them by email.


Mr. Reitz