Induction Examples

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post some resources on mathematical induction — if you are having trouble with induction, I highly recommend taking a look.

Introductory Examples:  Here is a page with a bunch of examples of proofs by induction, similar to what we have done in class.  This is a good place to start.

Khan Academy: If you find video explanations helpful, here is the Khan Academy on induction:

Even More Videos: This page has a collection of Induction Example videos – I haven’t watched them all, so if you do look at them please tell me what you think:

Advanced/wacky examples: This pdf has some great examples in Section 6(page 4) — they show how induction can be applied to all kinds of different mathematical problems.  Solutions are included.  This is a good resource if you are familiar with induction, and want to take things a little farther.



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