Writing has always been of interest to me. I write best when I’m writing about absorbing topics. Also writing under pressure sort of brings out good writing from me. When I write I try to be as truthful as possible and make the preferable audience understand those truths. In my opinion, writing the truth down on paper or typing it up can be a relief. Of course writing fictional stories doesn’t count but in those stories what happens appears to be the truth. I’m also more of a writer than a reader. I don’t really enjoy reading because I get bored easily. Writing isn’t also always enjoyable especially when you’re writing about something that’s totally pointless to you but has to be done. That’s the thing about English classes in school. We’re expected to be able to write about things that we have no interest in and read boring books that we’ll forget about when we leave the class. But in this specific class it was different. We had four units that didn’t require too much reading and only pushed students to enhance their writing skills. If only more English classes would be based off writing for the public about engaging worth knowing topics than essays on boring books.

In this class, I had my strengths and weaknesses when it came to writing. When the class first started, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect and if I’ll be able to express my best writing. The first assignment was the toughest one for me. We were instructed to write about our educational experiences in the past and I had a hard time doing that. My experiences with education back then weren’t good and I’m in the process of moving on and forgetting about them. That’s why what I completed wasn’t my best. My writing was all over the place and even though I thought I was getting my point across I wasn’t being specific enough. I wasn’t really happy with the grade I received so I revised the assignment and tried to fill in the missing gaps to the ability of which I knew. I don’t like accepting less than what I know I’m capable of. For example, in my education essay I wrote, “I was determined and dedicated to prove to myself that I have what it takes to excel in my studies.” As mentioned before, my experiences with education in the past weren’t good and it took a while for me to realize that I was only setting myself up for failure and that I was better than what I was demonstrating. I was in twelfth grade and I was close to not graduating but I turned things around with the help of supportive people and my own effort. This is where truthful writing shows itself. I was being honest with myself and the audience. There’s just something about being honest in your writing that makes it more realistic.

My best work in this class was unit two’s assignment. We were required to write a pop culture analysis. This assignment was enjoyable for me because I learned more about the correlation of how society was back then to how it still is today. There was growth between the first assignment and this one. This growth was due to the fact that I found unit two more engaging. While I was doing the assignment I acquired more knowledge than what I previously knew about the song I chose. This made me realize that there’s always a deeper or better understanding to things the more you look into them. The remaining units were also opportunities for me to learn more about something I go through often and steps that could be taken to solve the problem. Also learn how to revise old writing into a new version with a different genre and audience. This class taught me that there’s always space for improvement especially in your own personal writing. When those improvements are made and you approve of your writing you’ll become more confident with your writing being shared to the public. This also brings the opportunity of getting to know people through their writing which is destined when taking this class.

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