Rhetorical questions

Q1- Who is the speaker? What do we know about this person? How do we know it? Caroline Simone, she is a journalist at USA Today and she wrote an article about black lives matter and how it came to be. Q2- What is the occasion? When or where did it occur? This is a social movement that came to be 5 years ago after the death of Trayvon Martin, a black kid walking to the store who was a victim of a man man with a gun for no reason at all. Q3- Who is the audience? What group of people is he/she speaking for? – The audience in this article is the world, people in all states and continents view USA Today but specifically for this piece i feel as though the black community is who it is directed for. Q4-What is the purpose of this piece?What is the writer trying to accomplish?- The purpose of this piece is so that readers understand what happens in the community and mostly why it is important that black people have a platform to speak their truth so that they can gain their strength in making a change. Q5- What is the tone of this? How can you tell the writers feeling by the words or phrases? The tone of this article is tamed yet influencing and informative. I can tell because all the facts are being stated and how those came to be and she is also very calm in explaining the different perspectives others have on the movement itself. Q6- Other thoughts on this piece? And by the way whats your name? I think the way it is written is entertaining to read and it did let me know why she wrote it and why its so important in our world today. My name is Shauntai Smith.     https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/07/12/black-lives-matter-movement-and-social-media-after-five-years/778779002/

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