Minhaj Uddin

English 1121

Professor Carrie Hall

March 25th, 2019

Logic has wrote a very inspirational song about suiciding and it is called 1800-273-8255. The title of the song is the suicide line. He grew up in poverty and lived a hard life. His dad was a drug addict and his mom was a racist. When he was a kid he use to live with his god mother and not his parents. He knows what it feels like to want to suicide but he says that you should always talk to someone its not worth it. Many people make fun of other kids not knowing how hurt the other kids get. Bullying and cyberbullying is one of the main factors of suicide. Many kids go to school and get made of fun of what they wear and how there as a person and the feel really bad about themselves and they don’t know how to deal with is so they feel that they should end there life and thats the only way that is the only way that the pain will go away and logic explains in the song that suiciding is not the solution to those problems. The reason that I have picked this song and wrote about is because I find this topic a very important. What I have drew in this drawing is a bunch of kids making fun of another kid and they are making him feel bad. One girl is recording him crying which shows that he will have to deal with cyber bullying as well to. These bunch of kids are having a really good time laughing and make fun of the kid but they don’t know what the other kid is going through and they are just adding onto his sadness that he feels. The sun in this picture represents the happiness that the kids are having and how they are enjoying themselves just by making someone else feel bad. The lightning and rain represent the hurt that he is feeling because the kids think that kid doesn’t feel bad but even on a nice and sunny day for everyone in his world it is always ugly outside and it is raining because he never feels happy due to the fact that he is always being bullied and feeling hurt.The suicide rate in this world has risen by a lot and people feel that it is ok to make fun of others and hurt people just so they can feel cool or better about them selves just because they made a couple people around them laugh. They don’t understand that the person that they are making fun of is really hurt and they don’t know what to do with themselves and they don’t have any friends. They cut themselves and hurt themselves even more just creating more pain and they feel that physical pain will over go on the emotional pain but that is the wrong thing to do. Suicide is a major issue in todays world and should be talked about more in the world. Logic has wrote a song and he has made it known that it is wrong and people shouldn’t feel alone and they have someone to talk to and they will feel that they are worth being in the world.

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