Hend Elwahwah

Dr. Hall

        While I was reading this mentor article I was surprised because that’s the way I wanted to start my essay as well. Speaking about the artist and how amazing his hits are. How it all started and I chose a specific song meanwhile my article chose a specific album. I focused on J.Coles new hit, “Middle Child.” I focused mainly on the lyrics and the meaning behind them. If you know J.Cole, you know he’s deep. Behind every lyric there’s a meaning to why he said that. This article focused on some of the lyrics and the writing style that author did was similar to what I want to do for my essay. It relates a lot to my essay as well because the Audience that the mentor article was focusing on, is the same audience that I’m focusing on. This generation and era. I also like the way the author went with the flow about drake and his past, how he came up, how he stayed up as well. That’s also what I would like to do in my essay, talk about jcoles come up towards the end and relate it back to the lyrics of “Middle Child.”

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