Mentor Article

The mentor article I chose that peaked my interest was how it had many short paragraphs. With how the article was small chunks in paragraphs, it made it easier to read and felt like the reader wouldn’t need to digest a whole lot of information. Also having a lot of words in a paragraph may make the article a little too boring and is just informing. Another reason why the article has peaked my interest was how it argued its points between another game. It mentions what the new game that makes it more unique than the game that has been popular for months. Gives reasons why people are coming into this royale game rather than the game that originally dominated any mainstream game. There is also a brief explanation of the game, so if a new person were to try it out. Some difficulty that I had faced was giving a visual representation that the article had if you were to actually play the game compared to what I’m writing. Moving onto my pop culture, I don’t want to get too personnel with the topic that I chose but its something that affects people who are unable to express themselves and being happy for who they are. Being bullied and people saying they have a mental illness for being different is a discriminatory act. Its also an issue that many people may think they may be superior than other ethnicity and races because of the rules set in the past. When I came across to how can I impact the reader to think like if they were different and how they will imagine themselves as one of these people who felt different from birth and this emotion that never leaves the body. How the topic engage the reader and hooks them into the article can be impactful and to also have a little summary so the reader knows what to expect from reading at the end.

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