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When reading the first few paragraphs, you don’t just get your simple introduction, but you start off the bat with the whole process and troubles with meats. The whole cattle, which is cow, being bruised and how the drivers are crazy drivers. Then getting to the middle, the protagonist is getting better with identifying the meats and has managed to learn about knife skills with meats. They start talking about the knife itself, the sharpening process and how it is a whole different skill in addition to knife skills. Near the end, the protagonist is at work, as they were the whole time, and they are noticing patterns with the animal meats. How several livers in a row had abscesses and the meat being hard to cut, but also severed heads growing in size.

This is the gist, or summary if you may, of the story in which in my opinion, is better in a graphic novel than just reading words. What I’ve learned about meats is how much work is put it in. The cutting, the measurements, the deliver, and the list goes on and on. But it’s all for a great cause, to get the meats from the factories to your nearest supermarket or restaurant. I love how they care for the meat and all, just for them to be killed and eaten by others, it’s just a bit comical. This does makes you think about what you’re eating and how much work was put into it, makes you appreciate the process to have it in your table and the care for it satisfy your needs when eating.

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  1. Michael Krondl

    I think your point about a graphic novel is an excellent one. It would amazing if magazines like the Atlantic would include one periodically. I’m also always curious how different folks react to this, you with amusement, some with horror.


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