Writing Assignments

Trade Publication Paper

Select an article from one of the following hospitality trade publications. Write a one-page summary with a reaction. Write with the assumption that the reader has not read the article. The article selected must be from an issue published in the last 12 months) and must be relevant to food procurement, concentrating on ingredients, food safety in procurement, ingredient or purchasing trends. Do not select articles about equipment, alcoholic beverages or wine or restaurant reviews. These publications are all available in the City Tech library and online.

FSR Magazine
Food Management
Meat and Poultry
Nations Restaurant News
Restaurant Business

Restaurant Hospitality
Restaurant & Institutions
Seafood Leader

For more details carefully read through the assignment on  BlackBoard/Assignments. You will be uploading the assignment to BlackBoard as a Microsoft Word document.

Due date: Sept 22

Greenmarket Blog Post

  1. Go to a Greenmarket.  For locations see https://www.grownyc.org/greenmarket/ourmarkets
  2. Why do the Greenmarkets exist?  You can either find this on the organization’s website or ask at the information stand for a brochure.
  3. Take notes about what kind of food is sold there. What is currently in season?  What seasonally neutral goods are on sale? What are you familiar with?  What’s new to you? Do the prices seem high or low compared to grocery stores?  Be specific:  “The apples cost $X/lb…compared to my local supermarket where they cost…”
  4. Choose an ingredient, it can be fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, dairy, or baked goods.
    You will make a short presentation about this ingredient in class:
  • What is it? What can it be used for (kinds of recipes, breakfast items, etc).
  • Why would you choose it over a similar ingredient (flavor, texture, ethical considerations, appearance, cost…)
  • Where does it come from?  Be specific.  Is there anything special about it? (organic, heirloom variety, free range…).  You may need to ask the vendor about it.
  • Take a picture of it at the market and include it in your blog post so we can refer to it during the presentation

Blog post should be between 150-200 words.  To write the post, select the little (+) mark at the top of the page.  Make sure to check the Greenmarket blog category (lower right) prior to posting.
Blog post due date: Nov 16
Presentation date: Nov. 30


PART 1- Due Week 10 (Nov 2) – PRODUCT FACT REPORT (5 pts)
You will choose one food/product item from a list of items provided, see OpenLab/Course Profile/File Library. The purchasing of each of these items involves ethical or environmental concerns. This first assignment asks you to acquire as much information about that item as possible. You will work to uncover the concerns surrounding your item.  You will use this information to fill out the PRODUCT FACT REPORT.

PART 2-Due Week 13 (Nov 30) -ANALYSIS OF ETHICAL CONCERNS (5pts)
You will turn the above into a short paper (375-500 words). This will be in the form of: (1) an introduction that briefly discusses the product and mentions why it’s important to discuss the ethical/environmental issues around the product. (2) A main body of two to three paragraphs that discusses the issues/problems. (3) a conclusion that discusses what you think the implications are for the industry and any suggestions of what a food service business should do about it.

PART 3- Due Week 15 (Dec 14)- ORAL PRESENTATION OF FINDINGS (5pts)
You will do an in-class oral presentation to the class showing the findings from your individual investigation. This will be done during class time in person, and if you are absent, you forgo the points associated.

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