Greenmarket Blog by- Anthony Caliendo

By Anthony Caliendo

Just this past week I have visited the greenmarket in Union Sq to look and see what they have to offer. The greenmarkets are in all 5 boroughs with Staten Island having 2, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens having multiple and the Bronx about 9. The reason for green markets existing is because these markets are selling fresh produce like fruits, vegetables, affordable food, people wanting to try new things or samples, and ingredients. The food that is usually being sold right now at the greenmarket that I had visited was, lots of Vegetables and Fruits like Squash, Apples, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Celery, Kale etc. The prices on the other hand seemed to be pretty high as it was mainly “per item”, and not by “Pound” or “Oz” like it is usually would be at a smaller market or supermarket, one of the few items i noticed was sweet Potatoe and other types of potatoes being sold for $4 per one and some fruits like pears or apples being sold for around $3.25-$4. So, the produce here at the greenmarket is a little more money and expensive, but I also feel it could vary by location. 

The ingredient/item I decided to choose was Bell Peppers. Bell Peppers are typically classified as a fruit, and they can be used for many things like Sauteed Peppers, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Stir Fry, Grilling and more. The flavor is usually a lot better when it is grilled or cooked in a pan/mixed in with other foods but eating them cold has a bitter taste to it. This fruit originated in Central and South America and has been transported worldwide since the late 1400s. A few special things bell peppers provide are also reliable sources of vitamin A and fiber, as well as also having antioxidant properties which help against fighting diseases like cardiovascular disease. 

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  1. Michael Krondl

    The weird thing about the pricing is that it varies not only vendor to vendor but market to market. One vendor will be selling pears for $2.50/pound another for $4.00. I have certain favorite vendors, not just due to price but the quality or variety.


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