Greenmarket Blog, Aeshah Ahmed, November 15th 2023

Greenmarkets exist for simple reasons which include, creating an establishment where New Yorkers could support local businesses conserving farmland while ensuring fresh produce. Most super markets have an extremely low quality of produce, due to the extreme mass quantities being produced at a time. Some things that are in season currently include many variations of squash, like winter squash and sugar pumpkin. Pears varieties like green Asian , golden Asian and bartlett pears were present as well. I noticed that there was an abundance of apples and apple based products. For example, apple cider donuts, hot apple cider, apple tarts and types of apples like Macoun (a new harvest) and gold rush. Though I’m familiar with these items, I was not aware of the different colors cauliflower came in like purple and orange. How festive for the holidays! Seasonal goods like the cauliflower were higher in price coming at $6 per head. In addition to this I noticed that the ready to eat baked goods and ciders were ranging from $3.50 up to $8 depending on how large the item was. The prices are reasonable considering the ongoing inflation issues going on. Apples prices ranged from $3.30 per pound. In my local supermarket apples go for around $1.99 per pound, which is significantly cheaper, but in comparison the quality ranges are very different then a greenmarket. Overall, if I had the time to visit the greenmarkets near my home I would definitely take advantage of better quality produce. 

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