About Me

My name is Zakiyra and I am a 21 year old college student attending New York City College of Technology. I am majoring in Communication Design in hopes of becoming an Illustrator as well as Animator.

Art has always been my interest. I can remember how always would draw in my class notebooks when I  was young; whenever I captured something interesting I would grab a pencil and try to draw it. But it was when I discovered digital art that made me passionate about with illustration. I just couldn’t believe that you can actually draw and paint on the computer while using a tablet; it was very unheard of. I researched tutorials and guidelines of creating digital art on the pc and what I found blew my mind. Creating characters, environments, comics and just any kind of artwork on a device that I use on a daily basis was exactly what I needed in my life. Modern day professional artists and animators today actually use the digital tablet at home or in their jobs to create the magical and unbelievable pieces of work that you can find and it’s truly incredible.

Animation was basically what every child’s life was about. We all watched cartoons on television on a saturday morning or regular basis. Our favorite characters are acting out and living their lives right in front us on a tv screen. But they always have a story to tell which makes us fall for them even more. That’s what I admire about animation; bringing something/someone to life and tell their story through pictures/frames. It’s related to comic books except there’s actual talking and moving going on. Japanese animation has truly inspired me because it has its own unique style where characters have a magical adventure or have something to prove. Animations like Naruto and One Piece are my true inspirations because they both focus on character who’s chasing their dreams while facing difficult challenges with the helps of their friends. Im hoping to one day create my own animation where my character faces a situation where she has to eventually has to get out of with the help of her friends; it can’t be just one season long. Also I want it to be where people become admirers to the point where they dress like her/him and appreciate who she/he really is deep inside. And as my career expands I can do 3d animation for video games or movies as well. Animation is honestly fun and I rather live my life creating them everyday for the whole world to see.

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