COMD 4900 Internship Entry #2

Here inside Women’s Press Collective, my role is mainly working in Graphic Design. My supervisor placed me there since I told her I was majoring in Communications Design at Citytech, the college she’s very familiar with. During our interview, she explained the priorities of Graphics Design: The company has two ways of spreading information to the communities; the “Collective Endeavor” magazine and booklet. Inside each of them, my job is to make tweaks, corrections, and placements of all most of the articles and graphic images. I usually take most of the time I work on both magazines. My supervisor, however, was kind enough to help me throughout the process explaining where the important files that I need for the magazine/booklets were. She also gave me different ideas to use for the layouts I designed.


WPC Collective Endeavor Magazine Spring 2019

Graphic Design Dept