Visual Quote Project

For this version of the quote I wanted it to have a minimalist feel. Just like the quote says “looks dont matter” I wanted it to not look special just plain with no design or style or anything. For the sentence. “it’s what you do that counts” I wanted to the “Do” to look different since what a person does stands out from most people in this generation.


For this version of the quote I wanted it to also have a minimalist look as well. But then I added the color red to the quote to show how powerful the word “DO” is. Also I gave the type a different style from the first version because I felt that even tho it is minimalist, there should be a bit of a change to catch people’s attention.


For this version, I made a few changes. I increased the size to capture the viewers attention. I also added a lot of strokes and shapes with various colors to make the word “DO” stand out. I wanted  the words to look like steps to show that what you can do can be a stepping stone to success.