Internship Journal Entry #6

I remember one meeting the company organized for one of our guest speakers who’s from Chicago. She brought a Chicago based newspaper to explain how the community is suffering. I knew that Chicago was one of the most dangerous cities in the country; I never knew it was also one of the poorest cities.  There’s a town filled with the homeless; most of the rent, as well as bills, were too expensive to pay for. The main reason is that since the minimum wage is not as close as ours in New York City, people tend to miss their bill payments. When the businesses take notes of this they won’t give you a payment plan or grant citizens an extended amount of time to pay the bill. Instead, they’ll raise the bill more and it won’t stop until it gets paid off. I was so shocked yet concerned about how people in Chicago live because that could be one of the main factors where shootouts/murders are so frequent there. After the meeting, I gave the guest speaker my email so she can educate myself more about life in Chicago.

the photo was taken for The Modern Observer Group site

the photo was taken from The Way of Wealth site