Ethical Reasoning Assignment Entry 1

While was working at Women’s Press Collective, copyrighting never crossed my mind. The photographs used for the magazines were always credited and I don’t use stock imagery of any kind on the internet mainly because most of them are pricey and just a challenge to work with. However, I use imagery for myself when it comes to illustrations that I plan; using photographs from my camera for my artwork as references when I need an idea or don’t know how to draw what I have in mind.

file:/…/AIGA Business_Ethics 47556770-Use-of-photography-1-MB.pdf

B) As far as the non-disclosure agreement goes, I didn’t sign any unfortunately during my internship at Women’s Press Collective. The organization is a nonprofit company that wants to speak the truth to our communities that we reside in. The projects I’ve done are educational and motivational for others to witness what women do on a daily basis and how we should support them.

When it came to graphics, the company itself doesn’t have a logo/icon; I will keep the words of the AIGA Ethical Guidelines in my mind if I want to use a brand logo on future projects or if I want to protect myself from copyright infringement.

AIGA Business_Ethics 47556757-Guide-to-copyright-1-MB