ARCH 3522      Spring 2023                Class 11           Due next week

Writing Assignment  

Eero represents an extreme case of impact of his professional life on his personal life.  What pitfalls, dangers, or events from the profession do you think may affect you?     Can you think ‘forward’ to where you want your career to go?  What you hope to achieve personally?          One page or 3 paragraphs minimum.

Compare or react to what is revealed in the personal stories of some the most famous architects of the 20th century.  Below are some of the clips we reviewed and discussed in class.

Maya Lin – Vietnam Memorial

Eero Saarinen

Louis Kahn –,vid:0HxB9Iu3Hbc

Frank Lloyd Wright,vid:VTyE_3GKlj03522_Writing_ImpactOfCareer_Sp2023