List of  ALL work to be completed for ARCH3522 Spring 2023, and location of instructions:

A.  WRITING ASSIGNMENTS are 1 or more pages. 50% of total grade

  1. Environmental – From Week 1 of the syllabus:    OR  Dutch Influence (this was on the previous version of the syllabus) Credit toward Assignment #1 or Extra Credit
  2. Grid – Based upon the article “City of Angles”
  3. Advancement of Technology  – From the Main page of this Course Profile, issued 10/6./23
  4. Career – Alson  Main Page Class 11 in Recent Posts
  5. Skyscraper 1-page individual paper, based upon group discussion.
  6. Extra Credit Assignment of Metropolitan Museum or other topics replace missing work or add to the final grade.

In-class (low stakes) writing:

  1.  Skyscraper group discussion notes
  2. Suggested question for next quiz

B.  Sketches

  1.  Downtown Brooklyn
  2. Downtown Manhattan

C.  Quizzes 20% of total Grade

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

D.  Research Paper