Research Paper:

Paper Length Target: 2500-2700 words.  All Images and text sources must be cited. Footnotes for notes and references. Bibliography for all references. MLA format.

Paper Outline


  • Building
  • Building Type
  • Architect
  • Construction Date
  • Building Data
  • General Significance to History (why study this building?)

General Context

  • General Architectural Period
  • Geography:
  • Map (Text Description + Graphic) of Building Environs (Micro)
  • Map  (Text Description + Graphic) of Key Related Buildings (Macro)

Theoretical Context

  • Architectural Culture Contemporary with Design/Construction
  • Theoretical Underpinnings of Design
  • Specific Period Characteristics of Design
  • Precedents

Building Analysis

  • Massing
  • Materials
  • Structure, Façade
  • Details
  • Transparency Analysis (Inside to Outside Exposure and Vice-versa.)
  • Spatial Sequence
  • General Floor Plan (text description and diagram)
  • Building Section (text description and diagram)
  • Building Elevation (text description and diagram)

Historical Evaluation

  • What makes this building significant?
  • How is this building innovative?
  • How does it compare to other buildings of the period?
  • What influence did this building have on subsequent architectural design?


  •  Summary of key findings


  • Library Based Sources Required (3-5 Books or Other Library Sources)
  • Additional Sources Welcome (must be reviewed for quality of source)

Due Date: Prior to Class 13.