Assignment 1 (Parthenon)

Dovi Gratias Akouete

ARCH 1121

Prof. Zagaroli


Assignment 1 (Parthenon)


Oh Parthenon, such a beauty you are. The way you are build from the ground up catches every men’s eyes. One cannot began to tell your faults, for you were build not for mere humans but for Athena. We all truly know denying your beauty would be out of ignorance and spit. Many are jealous of you, having Athena by your side after all is any man’s dreams and desire. I know that others envy and jealousy has caused you much pain and damage. They have stripped you from your riches, robbed you of what has held you standing up for many years and left you do be broken. But yet you still manage to stand. When looking at it they have not stripped you of nothing important. They have just began to prove how strong and breath taken you truly are. You still manage to grab many peoples heart, inspiring them and giving them the opportunity to travel through times. Resting at the top of the city since 447 BC and still to this day out standing your foes. It’s a pleasure getting to learn about you.

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