Assignment #1

ARCH 1121 Assign #1, City Tech CUNY, Fall 2017

Professor Zagaroli

Tristan Ramirez

The First building is The French Building located in Midtown Manhattan New York. It was first built in 1927 before the Great Depression. It is used primarily as an office building and also houses classrooms of Pace University. Ā The building is one of the better known projects of theĀ real estate developer Fredrick Fillmore French. The architects that designed this structure were H. Douglas IvesĀ and Sloan & Robertson. It was the tallest building on Fifth Avenue when completed, by the 1990s it underwent a complete restoration, subsequently earning the Building Owners and Managers AssociationĀ 1994/1995 Historic Building of the Year Award.Ā TheĀ National Register of Historic placesĀ listed the building in January 2004. At the top of the building it has a striking art deco that can easily attract someoneā€™s eyes.

The second building is called the Safra National Bank Tower located in New York. It was in built in 1990 standing at 23 stories tall. It used as an office space while CompStak has 11 lease comps for this property, dating from 2007 to 2017. Safra National Bank of New York is affiliated withĀ Banco Safra S.A., one of the largest private banks inĀ BrazilĀ Ā  with approximately 100 branches throughout the world. The bank has a worldwide network of resources and products made available by the Safra Group of banks and financial institutions.

These two structures are similar in a way with the use of the building. They both are an office space, and as well as the height of each building. One thing that contrast between the two is they were built between two different time periods of the same century. The first building was built before the Great Depression and the second building was built in the late 20th century or as you can say the modern era of buildings.

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