Seminar 3 – MAT 1275 Open Educational Resources (OER’s) and iPad Management

MAT 1275 Open Educational Resources (OERs)
City Tech, Faculty Commons, N227
10:30am  Coffee and Discussion of Assigned Reading and of MAT 1275 Topics
                  Pre-Seminar Reading:  “Pedagogy, Technology, and the Example of Open
                  Educational Resources” by Robin DeRosa and Scott Robinson.
                  For the article see:
                  For the reading prompt see:

11:00am General Introduction to OERs

Presenter: Cailean Cooney (Library)

11:30am           MAT 1275 OERs
                           Presenters: Andrew Parker (Introduction to WeBWorK) and Sheila
                           Miller (Video OERs and Flipped Classroom Strategies). In
                           preparation for Prof. Miller’s flipped classroom experience, please
                           watch the following video:

Our team member Sheila Miller would also like to share her work in progress for MAT 1275:
and A Resource Manual for College Algebra, the pdf can be found at

12:30pm  Lunch and Discussion

We will introduce a deliverable template and discuss the next steps

12:50pm Feedback
Upcoming Events:
Friday, October 21 2016, 10:30am-1pm:  Effective WeBWorK Assignments and Assessment (BMCC rm N550)