Seminar 5 – WeBWorK Coding

Agenda, November 4, 2016
WeBWorK Coding
BMCC, room S613, 11AM-1:30PM


Andrew Parker has created two pre-seminar WeBWorK assignments for us.
Your username is your firstinitial+lastname and your password is the same as your username  (i.e., lghezzi for me).
a) Complete the “QuadraticFormula” assignment.  Fellows should be sure to make >3 mistakes on at least one or two of the ‘top-level’ problems, to see that the problem set adapts to their inability to solve the problems.
b) Complete the “ParabolaVertices-CtS” assignment. There is no adaptivity, just a LOT of scaffolding. Fellows can make as many or as few mistakes as they please.



“A Modularized Tablet-Based Approach to Preparation for Remedial
Mathematics,” by Dr. Andrew Parker (see )
11:00am Welcome, discussion of reading and of assigned WeBWorK problem set

11:30am WeBWorK Coding:

1) WebWorK assignment design
2) Coding a problem

Activity led by Andrew Parker
1:00pm Lunch and discussion about choice of pedagogies
1:20pm Feedback


Upcoming Events:
BMCC Fellows only: Friday, November 18 2016, 11:00am-1:30pm: Camtasia Hand-on Workshop (BMCC, room S613)
City Tech Fellows only: Friday, November 18 2016, 10:30am-1pm: Effective Advisement Strategies for Math Faculty (City Tech, Namm 119)