Seminar 4 – Effective WeBWorK Assignments and Assessment

Effective WeBWorK Assignments and Assessment

October 21, 2016, BMCC, room S613, 11AM-1:30PM

Homework: Andrew Parker has created a pre-seminar WeBWorK assignment for us.
Your username is your firstinitial+lastname and your password is the same as your username (i.e., lghezzi for me). Complete the AddSubtractRadicals assignment. This problem set was developed by our OG program and has been used at City Tech in MAT 1275 this semester. Please try to approach the problem set as students, feel free to experiment, make copious mistakes and see what happens, and so on.
[Use “sqrt” to input square-roots into WeBWorK].


11:00am Welcome and brief report from each College on Seminar #3

11:20am Effective WeBWorK Assignments and Assessment:

1) Laying the groundwork: Group discussion led by Andrew Parker
2) Now how do we use it? Training session (it will begin with a discussion of the pre-seminar WeBWorK assignment)

1:00pm Lunch and discussion about deliverables
1:20pm Feedback
Upcoming Event
Friday, November 4, 2016, 11am-1:30pm: WeBWorK Coding (BMCC room S613)