Internship | Journal Entry #4

Doing graphic design means being prepared for upcoming projects that might have a very short deadline.

Recently, during one of my working days, a CUNY project was assigned to the PAP department to distribute through all mediums for CUNY students at City tech. The program consisted of paid summer internship opportunities for CUNY students with a variety of professions. It will pay twenty dollars per hour and students will learn how to work in an environment related to their major.

My work was to create a visual solution for their message to spread. The idea behind this particular design was to create a concise and clear graphic that could display all the information for people to read and get interested. I used different hues of blues and bold typography to catch the attention of the people.

One major solution that I also added was to create a QR code that is actually functional. People that are reading the flyer through the phone or physically can scan it to get the application info.

I added icons to represent each area of the internship and highlighted the earnings from it so it appeals more interesting. They are offering over two thousand paid spots, and they really want to promote it as much as they can. I only had a day to complete this and was working a bit faster than usual, which means that I had to do some revisions afterward.

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