App Review #1 | Adobe Express

If you are a designer, then the Adobe Creative Cloud is something that you are very familiar with, but what about its express variation?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a group of Adobe apps packed together with an interface that is way simpler and easier to use compared to PC apps. This Express cloud works on mobile as a charm. It allows users to create fast graphics for any kind of social media providing ready-to-use models, designs, vectors, typography, and other elements.

The app interface was very easy to use. Although I have a good experience using graphic apps, I found this very new user-friendly and simple. Users are able to select the style they would like to use for their graphics, along with different elements and colors. They can also change the format of the file with different sizes that goes on specific media.

You can create fast and beautiful Instagram stories using pictures and great typography to promote your business or page, or even for personal day-to-day use.

I loved that they had a good range of fonts to play with, and cool effects such as shadows that look retro.

Another tool that is very worth mentioning is their logo creation library. They have a high range of modern logos or any kind of style divided into sections. You can have a business, restaurant, fashion and beauty, and even a music logo with just one click. You can customize it, add colors, graphic elements, or anything you want. I find this very helpful for people who are starting something and need a quick gateway to represent what they do. This is also good for people who don’t have a lot of graphic design experience and would like to create something and experience how it feels to get inspired and do something beautiful.

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