Internship | Journal Entry #3

At the Public Affairs and Partnership department (PAP), the workplace culture is semi-formal to formal depending on the position of the person. For example, Bradley who is often attending meetings and having conversations with people from other departments and companies wears formal clothes, but not a tie. Faith, who is her partner, does wear a semi-formal look with a jacket, a shirt, and some very cool sneakers.

As a designer, I do not want or need to be that formal. I just do a shirt and a jacket or sometimes when it’s cold, just a hoodie.

A typical employee workday in this workplace would be very peaceful and easy to manage. There are currently only 3 people in the department and that makes things easy to understand and communicate. On a normal day, I would get to work and do any project that I am required to do. In this picture, I was actually designing a logo for the PAP department which will possibly be used in the future. While I do that next to Bradley, he sends a lot of emails and follow-ups for future partnerships and opportunities for the City tech students. We also talk a lot about different topics that I don’t have much knowledge about such as: How to handle people at work. How to be presentable for the right occasions and how to take advantage of my skills to find better positions in the future. He cares about my development so we do communicate often to enhance my personal skills. I do not take lunch since I only work 5 hours per day, but Bradley does eat at the office and brings his own food. Usually 20 mins more or less.

I always make sure to bring new ideas to the table. Anything that I see that they can improve or do better I do suggest it. I feel comfortable doing it since they have allowed my opinion to be heard. I’m currently using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom for these projects. One of the things that I’m also doing is creating a Stock photo library to use for City tech content. That way they don’t have to look for stock photos or pay for them, Im using my own photography skills to take photos on campus and use them for content with the consent of the students.

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