Internship | Journal Entry #5

Developing my design skills is not the only thing that I wanted with this internship. As I mentioned in one of my entries, I gave Bradley the idea to have their own stock photos images to use for content creation. First, we were thinking to use some paid images to create some graphics. However, that didn’t seem practical to me. I offered Bradley my photography skills to take pictures of different students interacting on campus.

It was hard to start.

Bradley had to email one of my professors to ask for permission to take photos at one of his classes. Luckily the professor was kind enough to help me through that. We had to get a release form, so students could give us permission to use the photos for City tech’s graphics. My experience taking photos in a classroom was a bit weird. One student stepped outside because he didn’t want to be photographed. The rest probably didn’t mind, but I was a bit uncomfortable because I felt that I was invading their space or privacy.

Aside from those feelings, I got some good pictures that I could use in the future for graphics. Actually, I already used one for the Paid internship program, and it looks great!

I wish that I wouldn’t worry so much about how they would feel when they actually gave me permission. I would have taken advantage of the time and space, and taken more photographs to use. This is the first time that I’ve done it, and I and Bradley am both working towards doing it with other classrooms where I can catch students interacting with different equipment. Our goal is to represent the image of “City Tech” with diversity, ethnicity, and equipment for different majors.

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